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Lottery 173, Bribie Island Winner Story

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Our Prize Home draws generate a lot of excitement and Lottery 173, a beautiful home at Pacific Harbour Bribie Island was no exception. 

Unfortunately our winner, Mr A from Chandler in Brisbane wasn’t available to take our call so we left a cryptic message and waited patiently for him to call back.

Within the hour, Mr A had called us back and we managed to give him the good news – and to say he was excited is probably something of an understatement!

“I get a lot of different reactions when I speak to our winners”, said Kerry Clifford SLS Fundraising Strategy Manager. “From tears to cheers, disbelief and the occasional swear word, I think I have probably heard it all so far” she said laughing.

And Mr A was no exception – although he did take a little convincing. “I’m just a regular guy with a normal job and was certainly not expecting to receive this kind of call. I was at work so I couldn’t get to my phone but when I heard the message later something told me that this was going to be a good call to return” Mr A said.

And it certainly was a good call because Mr A found out he had suddenly become an instant millionaire by winning a stunning prize home plus, because he was a Champions Club member, he also received gold bullion, bringing his total first prize to $1,007,040.

“I have always been happy to support Surf Life Saving because of the terrific work that they do – in fact people probably take them for granted because they are always there. I have a couple of children and I really appreciate knowing that there is someone on the beach to keep an eye on us all” Mr A said.

So what does the future hold for our lucky winner? “Well, the kids and I will spend some time in the house and after that, I really don’t know. What I do know is, life has certainly improved for the better!”

Congratulations Mr A – we hope you enjoy your prizes and thank you for being a Champions Club member.

Lottery 172, Christmas Winner Story

By | Latest News, News, Winner Stories

The M family were going about their normal day when an unexpected call on  18 December 2015 at 12:01pm changed their lives forever.

“I was getting ready for work at my sister’s house, all the kids were home from school holidays and I was just about to race out the door when my phone rang,”  Mrs M said.

“Hi Mrs M, I’m calling from Surf Life Saving Lotteries, how are you today?” said the woman on the other line.

I wasn’t sure what the call would be in relation too, but as per usual exchanged phone pleasantries I answered, “I’m well thanks, how are you today?”

“Very well Mrs M, the reason for my call today is to congratulate you on becoming a millionaire… you’ve won a $966,540 beach home plus $70,000 worth of gold bullion,” she said.

My family and I froze. Our jaws dropped and smiles began to emerge. The kids started jumping up and down hugging each other without restraint. I was stunned! In shock. I still went to work and then reality slowly started to creep in.

“We’re just a typical family,” Mrs M told Surf Life Saving Lotteries. “We’re raising two beautiful children, so to win this life changing prize was just an incredible feeling of joy.”

The M family have kindly supported Surf Life Saving since 2005 as Champions Club members after tragedy almost struck some close friends.

“On holidays, our friends were pulled out in a rip. One minute they were close to the shore and the next they were dragged out to sea. If the Surf Life Saving volunteers weren’t there that day, who knows what might have happened?

“We support an organisation we truly believe in and the fact that they offer great prizes is just an added bonus.”

Congratulations to the M family on behalf of everyone at Surf Life Saving and thank you for all your support over the years to help save lives.

Lottery 170, Hope Island Winner Story

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It was a typical day for Mrs M from Burleigh Heads who was driving to northern New South Wales with her husband when her mobile phone rang.

“I was expecting a call from somebody else and decided to pull the car over”, Mrs M recalls.

The lady on the other line said she was calling from Surf Life Saving Lotteries and I initially thought it was a call to buy some tickets in another prize home which I’m always happy to do.

I remember three words from the call – “Won”, “Home” and “Gold”. It took me a while to connect all the dots. It’s a very surreal moment when a life changing event like that happens to you, time stands still and all the possibilities begin to emerge.

After hearing that she was the proud new owner of a $970,500 Gold Coast waterfront home Mrs M exclaimed “is this a joke?”

In addition to the stunning Hope Island home, Mrs M was also entitled to the bonus book buyers prize of $30,000 cashable gold bullion.

“You always hope, but never expect anything like this to happen. We have always supported Surf Life Saving”, said Mrs M.

Congratulations to Mrs M and all her family. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Your support through the Champions Club helps our volunteer Surf Life Savers protect our beaches.

Join the Champions Club

Surf Life Saving Lotteries launches new website

By | Latest News

Surf Life Saving Lotteries is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website which officially went live on Monday, 22 June 2015.

The change was brought about by the valuable feedback we received from our supporters and a need to create a user-friendly platform that is both easy to navigate and that provides the information our supporters require.

Head of Foundation Steve Francia said “the improved user experience was a necessary change for Surf Life Saving Lotteries to ensure our supporter’s needs are being met. Our intention was to create an engaging platform that would further encourage our supporters to be active in each lottery and to also provide them with the sharing functionality features so they can spread our message and their good will”.

Supporters will now be able to login to a personalised dashboard which will contain their purchase history and their ticket allocations. And when purchasing online, not only will they have the chance to win online purchase prizes, they also will never have to worry about losing their tickets again. The dashboard is available to all supporters who purchase online. To register, simply follow the steps when making your purchase.

Users can now also benefit from a fully responsive website. Which means, you will we be able to access and easily navigate Surf Life Saving Lotteries on all your mobile devices. “Over the last 12 months we have noticed a significant shift in website traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices. With an increasing pace of lifestyle we wanted our supporters to be able to access our website at a time convenient to them and this means when they are on the move” said Steve Francia.

Supporters will notice the main navigation now runs along the top of the website for ease of use and clear accessibility. Users can now also scroll through and enjoy an extensive gallery, read up on the prize home features and scout the location of each prize home.

We are very excited to provide our supporters with an easier platform to purchase tickets in each prize home lottery and we thank you for helping support our volunteer surf life savers and keeping our beaches safe.

Program offers special needs kids time out on the water

By | Latest News

rescue-story_01FAMILIES with special-needs children across Australia are being introduced to the fun of beach and water activities as a successful Noosa Surf Life Saving program gains momentum.

The Noosa Surf Life Saving Club’s Seahorse Nippers program offers children with physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to participate in beach and water-based activities such as relays, flags, boards and wades – often for the first time. Seahorse Nippers co-ordinator Steve Mawby said the success of the four week program – held each April and September at Main Beach – had resulted in the model being introduced in surf clubs such as Redcliffe and North Burleigh.

There have been expressions of interest from clubs across Australia including Coolangatta and Dicky Beach in Queensland, Cronulla, Manly and Collaroy in Sydney, and Lorne in Victoria, and in Western Australia and Tasmania.

Noosa conducts possibly the largest program of its type in the country. More than 80 lifesavers volunteer their time to help with the program for over 50 special-needs children. At least one lifesaver is paired with each participant, working with them on the Gboard (similar to a rescue board), wades and bodyboards.

The program is based on a model that began many years ago at Pambula surf club, on NSW’s far south coast.

The Noosa program began in April last year with 15 children.

Mr Mawby said the Seahorse program offered leadership opportunities and challenges for youth members of the surf club.  “One of the families commented to me that so many of these children see these young lifesavers as their role models in life,” he said. “The interaction between the children and the youth lifesavers is inspiring. It is such a worthwhile program.”

Lifesaver rescues own parents and Grandfather!

By | Latest News, Rescue Story

CALOUNDRA lifesaver Colton Pleass never expected to rescue his mother, father and grandfather all in one go!

Mr Pleass, 19, had been patrolling all afternoon and late that afternoon had just been telling his mum and dad, Kate and Warwick Pleass, how busy it was at the beach.

At 4.30pm, his patrol captain, Nathan Steer, gave the alert that three more people needed rescuing.
When Mr Pleass, who was in an IRB, was nearing the group, he realised it was his own family.

“It was a bit of shock,” he said.

His family members had all been competitive swimmers in their time, but the hectic conditions, including strong rips and sweeps, proved that anyone could get into trouble in the ocean.

“They were swimming together and my grandad, Kevin, was a bit puffed and got into a bit of trouble,”

Mr Pleass said. “They were pretty embarrassed to be rescued, but they were just fine.”

Sandie’s ongoing support as a Champions Club member saw her $5,000 richer!

By | Latest News

Sandie was at the hairdresser when she got the call congratulating her for being $5,000 richer in our weekly cash draw for Champions Club members.

“At first I thought the caller wanted me to purchase additional tickets in this months’ draw. I couldn’t believe it when I was told I was the winner – I never win anything!”

Sandie’s ongoing support of Surf Life Saving as a Champions Club member meant she was automatically entered into the weekly draw.

When asked why Sandie decided to become a Champions Club member, she replied, “I really love what the Lifesavers do for the community. They do a wonderful job and I wanted to support an organisation that I’m passionate about.”

While Sandie admits to not being an avid ocean swimmer, she does enjoy swimming at the municipal pool in Cairns, and hopes to retire on the Sunshine Coast – best of luck in our Prize Home Lottery Sandie!

New Champions Club offers more prizes for members

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We’ve introduced a new members program to reward our Champions Club members for their ongoing support. Our new Champions Club program now provides members with more opportunities to WIN more prizes, more often.

Members now receive double entries into every prize home lottery as well as automatic entry into our $5,000 daily prize draws!

Current Champions Club members do not need to make ANY changes to their existing monthly membership payment. You will continue to receive tickets into every Prize Home lottery as per normal.

Membership to the Champions Club starts from as little as $2 per month. But remember, the more you spend the greater chance you have to win! Weekday prize draw prizes include cash, gold bullion gift cards and more. So what are you waiting for… join now for your chance to WIN!

Kevin was working on an important report when his phone rang

By | Latest News

“I almost didn’t answer the call as I didn’t recognise the number. I’m so pleased I did as it made my day!”, Kevin said in disbelief when he found out he won $5,000.

We told him that every Friday there’s a Champions Club draw, which all members are automatically entered into, and this week his name was drawn.

“After the call I was elated and managed to get the work done much quicker than I would have! I am about to move interstate so the $5,000 will certainly make the move a lot easier.”

We asked what the reason was as to why he joined the Champions Club and he replied, “I grew up near the beach and regularly attended what was then called ‘Nippers and Mermaids’ at the local surf club. I have seen first-hand how dangerous the surf can be and thought this is a charity I want to give to on a regular basis. The Champions Club makes this so easy.”

Remember to keep your details up to date. We could be ringing you with good news on Friday!

Winner of Surf Life Saving Lottery no.162

By | Winner Stories

162 Winner DavidDavid, a retired pilot, was enjoying a quiet day at home when he received a call that has changed his life forever.

“I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing at first, but eventually it dawned on me that I really had just won a million dollar apartment on the Gold Coast” David said.

“I was ecstatic to win and the first thing I did was call my two sons, who are also pilots, to tell them the news. My youngest son didn’t believe me at first and when I finally convinced him, I

won’t tell you what he said!”

“This win will have an enormous impact on my life” David said. “While I was already retired, this win means that I can improve my personal situation, lifestyle and quality of life – I have always wanted to live near the water, and here I am, living in a magnificent apartment on the coast.”

“I have never had to use the services that Surf Life Saving provide but I think it is a great cause and the volunteers do wonderful work. Now that I am living on the Gold Coast I just hope I never need to call on them in the future!”

“The prizes they offer in their lotteries are fantastic, but I support them because they really are a worthwhile charity and I really appreciate their efforts – and I certainly appreciate this magnificent prize.