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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Prize Home Winner Lottery 191

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Meet Chris, the lucky winner of Surf Lottery 191.

He was captured by the subject line of the very last email before this Hope Island prize home lottery closed. He had only a few hours left to get his ticket and made the fortuitous purchase just in time.

Chris bought his family a $30 book of tickets to the life changing $1.3 million prize home package. It was at a time when that money was likely better spent elsewhere. Luckily for him, his number came up on draw day and Chris’ very young family now have a very bright and carefree future ahead of them.

“I had a look at the home and saw it was a Surf Life Saving lottery, to me it was a no-brainer. I bought a $30 book, not telling the wife,” says Chris.

“So, the day I got the call, we were heading home and Melanie (CEO, Surf Life Saving Foundation) was on the other line. She started telling me when I bought the tickets and I was thinking ‘sssshhhh, the wife doesn’t know,” he laughed as a cheeky grin spread across his face. He went on to explain just how gobsmacked he was when he realised he’d won first prize.

Chris’ wife Amanda, now completely clued in on the ticket purchase, smiled at her husband as she told us what this prize package means for her family.

“It is such an amazing opportunity for us to have a bit of freedom, to have choice that we didn’t previously have in our lives, to not have to worry. It’s been a bit of a struggle and this is just surreal. A lot of that financial stress has been taken away,” she says.  

The pair agreed that Surf Life Saving means a lot to them, especially now they’re parents.

“We’ve had a few near misses with him (their young son) at the beach – nothing that’s needed intervention – but it’s definitely nice to know when you’re at the beach that lifesavers are there if you need them,” she says.

Chris rounds things out by saying, that while the home is one side of purchasing a lottery ticket, the other side is being able to support something that means so much to you.

Drawn 12.00 noon at Surf Life Saving Foundation, 190 Montpelier Road, Bowen Hills QLD on Friday 22nd February 2019.

1st Prize – $1.37 Million

Ticket Number – 1,702,327
Lottery Winner – Mr H, Point Clare, NSW
Tickets Purchased – $30 Book (40 Chances)
Bonus Prize – $30,000 Gold Bullion

TOTAL PRIZE VALUE – $1,408,910