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Prize Home Winner Lottery 193

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Meet Ben, the lucky winner of Surf Lottery 193

Drawn 12.00 noon at Surf Life Saving Foundation, 190 Montpelier Road, Bowen Hills QLD on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

1st Prize – $1.2 Million

Ticket Number – 2,329,072
Lottery Winner – Mr J, Cranbourne, VIC
Tickets Purchased – $60 Champions Club Member
Bonus Prize – $60,000 Gold Bullion

TOTAL PRIZE VALUE – $1,274,000

Prize Home Winner Lottery 192

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Meet Pete and Roz, the lucky winners of Surf Lottery 192.

Drawn 12.00 noon at Surf Life Saving Foundation, 190 Montpelier Road, Bowen Hills QLD on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

1st Prize – $1.25 Million

Ticket Number – 1,086,286
Lottery Winner – Mr B, Westbrook, QLD
Tickets Purchased – $30 Champions Club Member (40 Chances)
Bonus Prize – $50,000 Gold Bullion

TOTAL PRIZE VALUE – $1,250,000

Prize Home Winner Lottery 191

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Meet Chris, the lucky winner of Surf Lottery 191.

He was captured by the subject line of the very last email before this Hope Island prize home lottery closed. He had only a few hours left to get his ticket and made the fortuitous purchase just in time.

Chris bought his family a $30 book of tickets to the life changing $1.3 million prize home package. It was at a time when that money was likely better spent elsewhere. Luckily for him, his number came up on draw day and Chris’ very young family now have a very bright and carefree future ahead of them.

“I had a look at the home and saw it was a Surf Life Saving lottery, to me it was a no-brainer. I bought a $30 book, not telling the wife,” says Chris.

“So, the day I got the call, we were heading home and Melanie (CEO, Surf Life Saving Foundation) was on the other line. She started telling me when I bought the tickets and I was thinking ‘sssshhhh, the wife doesn’t know,” he laughed as a cheeky grin spread across his face. He went on to explain just how gobsmacked he was when he realised he’d won first prize.

Chris’ wife Amanda, now completely clued in on the ticket purchase, smiled at her husband as she told us what this prize package means for her family.

“It is such an amazing opportunity for us to have a bit of freedom, to have choice that we didn’t previously have in our lives, to not have to worry. It’s been a bit of a struggle and this is just surreal. A lot of that financial stress has been taken away,” she says.  

The pair agreed that Surf Life Saving means a lot to them, especially now they’re parents.

“We’ve had a few near misses with him (their young son) at the beach – nothing that’s needed intervention – but it’s definitely nice to know when you’re at the beach that lifesavers are there if you need them,” she says.

Chris rounds things out by saying, that while the home is one side of purchasing a lottery ticket, the other side is being able to support something that means so much to you.

Drawn 12.00 noon at Surf Life Saving Foundation, 190 Montpelier Road, Bowen Hills QLD on Friday 22nd February 2019.

1st Prize – $1.37 Million

Ticket Number – 1,702,327
Lottery Winner – Mr H, Point Clare, NSW
Tickets Purchased – $30 Book (40 Chances)
Bonus Prize – $30,000 Gold Bullion

TOTAL PRIZE VALUE – $1,408,910

Prize Home Winner Lottery 184

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Friday 15 December 2017 was just an average workday for Mr I, until he received an unexpected phone call that would change his life forever.

“I normally wouldn’t take a call at work,” Mr I said. “I went to stand in a corner of the office so I wouldn’t disturb anyone else… but I had to quickly rush to sit down as soon as I heard the news!”

Mr I had won first prize in Surf Life Saving’s Lottery 184, winning a luxury Gold Coast beachfront apartment. Mr I also took home the $30 Champions Club member bonus prize of an additional $50,000 Gold Bullion, bringing his total prize value to $1,187,000.

“Surf Life Saving said there were some people in the room to say congratulations and I could hear all of the staff cheering over the phone. I thought this is definitely real,” Mr I recalled.

“It was such a strange feeling. I knew as a Champions Club member that I had guaranteed tickets in the draw so it was easy to understand the news was real as a ‘fact’, but it didn’t feel real ‘emotionally’.

“I thought the chances of winning the prize home would be far better than winning the lotto… but I never thought I would actually win. I’ve never won anything before.”

Deciding to join Surf Life Saving Lotteries’ loyalty program, the Champions Club, had been an easy decision for Mr I: “I used to come to the beach all the time when I was a kid so when I stumbled across the Surf Life Saving Lottery, I thought it would be an easy way to show my support for the lifesavers. But now, to win a home right on the water, it’s just unbelievable.”

Mr I explained before that fateful phone call he had never imagined what winning the prize home might mean to him.

“My first instinct was to rent out the apartment as it felt like the smart thing to do. Now that I’ve seen it in person, I’m thinking of adding it into a holiday rental pool where I can come down to stay whenever I like and still collect some rental income. It sounds like the ideal situation. A win-win really!

“I’d love to be able to work less, so having the prize home rental income to fall back on would give me so many options for the future.”

Prize Home Winner Lottery 183

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Imagine receiving a phone call from Surf Life Saving Lotteries advising that you had just won a luxury prize home PLUS a bonus $50,000 Gold Bullion. It sounds like a dream… But this was the reality for Lottery 183 winner, Mr I from NSW.

“When I got the call from Surf Life Saving I didn’t believe it at first,” Mr I said.

“After it finally sunk in, all I could think was this isn’t happening. I was over the moon!”

Mr I was drawn as the winner of a million dollar prize home located at Sanctuary Cove at the Gold Coast on 20 October 2017. As a $30 member of Surf Life Saving’s Champions Club, Mr I also won a bonus $50,000 Gold Bullion, bringing his total prize value to $1,220,990.

“On the way to the prize home, my nerves were bubbling up inside! But walking in the door for the first time made it all feel real.” 

Mr I explained that before receiving the life-changing phone call, he had been working hard to save a deposit to purchase his ideal family home. 

“This will open up a whole lot of different doors for us. Our plans for the future have changed now. There’s a lot to think about,” he said.

“It’s a total game changer!”

Before joining the Champions Club, Mr I said he rarely purchased lottery tickets. 

“We’ve always been beachy people, I think the lifesavers do a fantastic job guarding the beaches and keeping people safe. So when I came across the Champions Club it seemed like such an easy way to show my support for Surf Life Saving, I thought I’d give just it a go… and now here we are. I didn’t think I’d actually win!

“For anyone thinking about joining the Champions Club, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s so easy, you don’t need to think about it, your tickets are automatically sent to you each month, and you’re in with a chance to win! And even if you don’t win, it’s such a worthy cause.”

The lucky winners are now considering whether they would like to live in their spectacular new home, enjoy the potential rental income, or sell the property and reinvest their winnings.

“It’s definitely been a world wind experience. From the time I got the phone call to seeing the house in person, it’s all just come to life.

“I’m still undecided about what we might do with the prize home. First of all, we intend to enjoy a great holiday in this immaculate home. I’m really looking forward to getting out onto the golf course to practice my game! I’m sure that will sway our decision a little.

“The gold bullion certainly came in handy too. We were able to cash in the prize and plan a skiing holiday for the whole family. It’s just amazing. We can’t thank Surf Life Saving enough.”


Prize Home Winner Lottery 182

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When Terri and John set off on a six month trip to western Queensland they never expected to make an early detour via the Sunshine Coast to collect the keys to a luxury million dollar home!

The Surf Life Saving Champions Club members were drawn as the lucky winners of Lottery 182 on Friday 18th August. Winning a stunning waterfront home plus $30,000 Gold Bullion, a total prize value of $1,215,399!

 “At the time we were working in a remote part of Australia with no phone reception would you believe – the nearest coverage was around 150km away. When we eventually visited an area with mobile reception and my phone would not stop buzzing, I had around 12 missed calls!

“Surf Life Saving had gone to extraordinary lengths to track us down.

“It was actually my boss who first passed on the news. She called me into her office and said, ‘you need to ring your daughter’. She had such a serious look on her face, I thought something terrible must have happened! As I started to panic she said, ‘I think you’ve won a million dollar home!’ Eventually we spoke with our daughter who was completely over the moon. She said, ‘we’ve looked at the results online and I’m sure it’s you!’ After listening to the other voice mails, I rang the Head of Foundation at Surf Life Saving who confirmed the news. It sent chills straight down my spine!”

The couple were completely overwhelmed by the life-changing experience.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this, when we were handed the keys at the home, I almost broke down crying,” said Terri.

“I can’t believe we’re the owners of this beautiful home. As we walked around it started to dawn on me that everything is ours now, from the massive french door fridge to the pictures on the walls…everything is included!

“Apart from this unbelievable prize, the real win for us is being closer to our family again. It’s been challenging being so far away from them, but now they’re all so excited to come and stay with us in this magnificent home.”

Terri explained Surf Life Saving has always played an important part in their lives. “I think Surf Life Saving do a fantastic job to help protect people at the beach. We always took our kids to the beach when they were young and now our grandkids are involved in nippers. Joining the Champions Club is an incredible way to support the cause. I’ve always thought of my membership as a way of making my contribution, but people do win amazing prizes – and now we’re proof of this! I’d encourage anyone to buy Surf lottery tickets, or better still, to join the Champions Club. After all, you’re supporting a great cause and the opportunity to help save a life is really the greatest prize of all.”

Prize Home Winner Lottery 181

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June 23 is a day Ms L will never forget. It’s the day she received a life-changing phone call from Surf Life Saving Lotteries advising her she had won first prize in Lottery 181, valued at a total of $1,064,900.

“23 is my new lucky number,” she said. “I’ll always remember that date!

“I was at work when I received the call. I remember hearing the words… ‘Congratulations, you’ve won a million dollar prize!’ I was shocked, I was just so excited!”

Ms L was the winner of a stunning two-level apartment overlooking the Gold Coast Broadwater plus a massive $200,000 Gold Bullion and a bonus $60,000 luxury car.

“I feel so blessed! Words can’t explain how I feel, I’m just so thankful.

“I’ve been working two jobs to try and provide the best for my children. I’ve had some hard times in the past but I would always just keep going, trying my best.

“The win has been such an incredible relief, I feel like I can breathe. It was such a great feeling to be able to pay out my debts! I feel free now.

“It’s such a good feeling to be able to help your children out as well. I’ve been able to buy my son a new car and help my daughter with extra tutoring at school. We’re also planning a holiday to stay at our new Gold Coast home! We’re really looking forward to taking a little break.”

Brimming with goose bumps, Ms L explained the stroke of good luck came somewhat as a twist of fate.

“I feel like someone is watching over me.

“I went to see a fortune teller a few months before the draw. She said, ‘you will be really successful, there is money coming your way. All the good things you have done in the past will come back to you.’

“I had bought lottery tickets years ago but I had stopped playing. I thought I’d buy a ticket with Surf Lotteries and just have a go… I can’t believe I actually won! I’m still so excited.

“The most exciting part about winning is really owning my own property. And not just any property, but a property on the Gold Coast! It’s a dream come true.”

Ms L said she’s planning to keep the prize home as a holiday house.

“I’d love to entertain the thought of living in the apartment one day! My family would have the best lifestyle there… So you never know.

“Honestly, I don’t need to work two jobs anymore but I’d really like to stick with it and save some money to put aside for my children and to help my grandmother.

“I also think it’s important to give back to charity. I’ll certainly continue to support Surf Life Saving and the work they do.

“I truly believe good things happen to good people, more so than ever now.”

The exceptionally grateful winner said she was excited about all the opportunities ahead of her.

“Now that I’m debt free, I have the flexibility to choose what I want for the future… I want to keep working but really enjoy life and spend time with my children.”

Prize Home Winner Lottery 180

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Retirement is starting to look a whole lot brighter for Mr H… The former seaman couldn’t believe his luck when he received the call of a lifetime from Surf Life Saving Lotteries.

Mr H was drawn as the first prize winner in Lottery 180 on 28 April 2017, making him the proud new owner of a stunning single storey home at Pacific Harbour, Bribie Island.

“It still feels like a dream! I have to pinch myself,” said Mr H.

As the winning ticket was one of 70 Mr H purchased in a $50 book of tickets, he also took home a bonus prize of $50,000 cashable Gold Bullion, bringing his total prize pool to $1,051,399!

“I never expected to win anything. I feel so lucky.”

The humble pensioner couldn’t believe the scale of the prize he’d won.

“It’s a huge house, it’s like a castle,” he said as he explored the breathtaking golf course-front home, complete with a beautiful furniture and design package valued at $131,399, for the very first time.  

Mr H said it was hard to comprehend winning such an incredible gift. He explained that the win has given him an indescribable sense of relief.

“I think I will sell the house and invest the money,” he said.

“Either way, I now know I have a secure future ahead of me and I can enjoy the rest of my life.”   

Prize Home Winner Lottery 179

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When Gabriele stepped through the front door of her brand new, waterfront home for the first time she struggled to fight back tears.

Like many of us, the mother of three had always dreamed of owning the perfect home but she never thought that day would actually come.

“When I got the phone call from Surf Life Saving Lotteries I didn’t believe it,” she said.

“I was just speechless. I thought no, this couldn’t happen to me!”

Gabriele had won first prize in Lottery 179 – a luxurious Sunshine Coast home plus $50,000 Gold Bullion, valued at a total of $1,051,399.

“You never expect to get a phone call like that!

“Honestly, I had forgotten about the ticket. I’d bought a $50 book of 70 tickets on the closing day of the draw. I thought, you know what, I’ll just have a go.”

Perhaps it was fate, or maybe it was just a lucky break, but the windfall couldn’t have come at a better time for Gabriele.

“I’d been worrying about my future. Only an hour before I got the call I said to my partner, ‘I’m going to be renting in retirement.’

“But now, I can look around this beautiful house and think I own all of this! It’s not a holiday or a rental, it’s my home…

“And the whole house is so beautiful. It’s so open and relaxing, I love it! 

“It’s just so nice not to have to worry about money. 

“For the first time in my life I’ve woken up and not thought, ‘I’ve got this bill to pay or that bill to pay, what am I going to do?’

“It’s definitely changed my life!

“If someone was thinking about buying a ticket I’d encourage them to do it. It’s such a worthy cause. And you may not win this time or the next time, but there could be another time down the track where you do win.”

Prize Home Winner Lottery 178

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Grandparents strike it big

Mrs M was at home with her daughter and granddaughter when she received the phone call that would change her family’s future forever.

December 16, 2016 had been just another day at work for Mrs M, but as she headed home, the aged care worker noticed she’d missed a number of calls that day. It wasn’t until her home phone began to ring that her curiosity really started to spike.

Mrs M was the lucky winner of Lottery 178 – a stunning Brisbane city apartment, designed and furnished to the value of $123,625 PLUS $200,000 Gold Bullion, valued at a total of $1,069,625.

“All I could say was oh my god, I couldn’t believe it!” said Mrs M.

“My daughter came rushing over and asked, ‘what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I’ve won…’

“I was saying the words out loud, but all I could think was this is surreal. I don’t win things like this, other people do… But I did.”

Mrs M has often supported Surf Life Saving in the past but as a grandmother to an active one-year-old she decided to spend a little more than usual in the Christmas lottery draw.

“Our granddaughter loves the water. I thought she is going to be visiting the beach, I need to support them [Surf Life Saving] even more now.”

The winning ticket was one of 70 Mrs M had purchased for $50 at a local shopping centre. The grandmother was very surprised to discover her ticket purchase also qualified her for an additional $50,000 Gold Bullion, the bonus prize bringing her total prize value to more than $1.1 million.

“When Surf Life Saving Lotteries ran through all the prize details, I thought when is she going to stop? I knew I’d only spent $50. It was unbelievable.”

Mrs M said winning the prize home AND $250,000 in cashable Gold Bullion had been an incredible feeling.

“We’ve paid stuff off, I’ve bought a new car, and we’re going on holidays. We’ve always loved travelling,” she said.

Mrs M and her husband have decided to take a well-deserved break from work and are now planning the holiday of a lifetime!

But it’s not only Mr and Mrs M who have benefitted from the win.

“We’ve been able to help our son and daughter as well.

“Eventually, we will sell the prize home and give the children some money to put towards a deposit for their own homes. They both know they’ve got a big deposit for a house now.

“And we know our granddaughter will have a bright future ahead of her. She was really the reason I bought the ticket, for her future… We’re very grateful.”