Door to Door Ticket Sales FAQ

Online Account FAQ 

Q. How do I register for an online account?

A. Registering for an online account is simple:

  1. Click “Buy Tickets” in the top navigation and select the ticket value you wish to purchase by clicking “Buy Now”
  2. Complete your order and fill in your details to create an account

Q. Do I have to register to buy tickets online?

A. Yes, this enables supporters to easily sign-in and buy tickets without having to re-enter their details again. You can also view your online transaction history, edit your contact information and more.

Q. Can I create multiple online accounts?

A. We recommend you do not create multiple accounts for winner verification purposes.

Q. I've forgotten my password?

A. Visit the forgotten password page. Enter the email address you used when you registered and click “reset password”. This will send an email to your inbox. For Gmail accounts, please check your promotions tab if you have not received it to your inbox. For other email accounts, please check in your SPAM folder.

Q. How do I edit my contact details?

A. Sign in to your account. On the right hand navigation click “Edit Contact Details”. Here you will be able to update your details. 

Q. Can I update my contact and credit card details online?

A. You are only able to update your contact details such as your address, email and phone number. For Champions Club members, credit card details are not stored online by Surf Life Saving to protect your privacy. If you would like to update your credit card details please call 1800 642 999.
Please Note: If you do change your email address you will still need to sign in using your original email address. 

Q. How do I cancel my online account?

A. To delete or cancel your online account please call 1800 642 999 and a customer service representative will be able to assist.

Q. How do I reprint my ticket?

A. Sign In and select “view your latest transaction history”. Click on the purchase you wish to reprint. You will then be able to send the tickets to your email address where you can reprint them. If you wish to print out a previous purchase not listed in your transaction history, please call 1800 642 999 for assistance.

Q. I didn't receive an email containing my tickets?

A. Please allow up to 24 hours for the email to come through. Ensure you have already checked your SPAM folder and that your email address is recorded correctly.

We advise all supporters to add our email address to your safe senders list or address book. Should you still have not received the email containing your tickets please call 1800 642 999.

Q. How do I buy extra tickets?

A. To purchase extra tickets in the prize home lottery:

  1. Click on “Buy tickets in current lottery” button
  2. Select the tickets you wish to purchase (“Order EXTRA Tickets in this Lottery” will be preselected as you are logged in)
  3. Complete the transaction details as required



Lottery FAQs

Q. Does Surf Life Saving Build the homes for the lottery?

A. The majority of homes are built specifically for the lottery. Occasionally homes that meet our lottery requirements are purchased.

Q. How is the Draw conducted?

A. Draws are conducted at 190 Montpellier Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006. They are conducted under QLD Government License Regulation and are open to the public for viewing. A Surf Life Saving official who is not a ticket holder conducts the draw. The major prize draw is computerised with a random number chosen from ticket purchasers.

Q. How are the winners notified?

A. Major prize winners are contacted by their listed current daytime/mobile number once all of the draws have been finalised. Winners are also notified by registered mail.

Q. Where do I find Lottery Results?

A. Official Surf Lottery results are posted on our Results page and can also be obtained by phoning 1800 642 999 (AUST), 0800 442 501 (NZ) or +61 7 3177 5816 (INTL).

Q. If I purchase tickets late in the lottery or on the day of the close, are my tickets still included in the draw?

A. All tickets processed before the time of the close of the lottery will be entered into the computer draw. Customers whose orders for tickets received after the close of the draw will be sent tickets in the next lottery. If these tickets are not wanted they can be returned prior to the close of the lottery for a refund.

Q. I added myself to the mailing list; will I receive offers from Surf Life Saving in every Lottery?

A. Surf Life Saving attempts to contact customers in every lottery but as you can imagine it is an expensive exercise and not everyone on our mailing list will be contacted every time. If you don’t receive a lottery offer from us please phone or email us at any time to request information.



Champions Club FAQs

Q. What is the Champions Club?

A. The Champions Club is a membership program where supporters automatically order their tickets in every lottery (once a month). Exclusive prizes are available only to Champions Club members.

Q. I have purchased a book with a value of $20 or higher in a prize home lottery. My ticket says I will also win gold bullion if I win first prize?

A. If you’re our lucky first prize winner and have purchased the winning ticket of $20 or more, you will automatically win the corresponding book buyers’ prize. Up to an additional $70,000 gold!

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A. There are NO membership fees and no hidden costs. You choose how many tickets you’d like each month and you’ll be automatically debited and entered to win – each and every month. Entry starts from just $2 per month.

Q. What if I No Longer Want to be a Member?

A. Easy. There are no contracts and no obligation. You can add more tickets any month, downgrade to fewer or stop your membership completely. Simply contact us with your preferred changes.

Q. What Payment Options Are Offered?

A. Select an authorised direct debit or preferred credit card for automatic payment of tickets in every lottery (once a month).
Direct debit: Fill out the Direct Debit Authority Form and e-mail or send it back to us.
Credit Card: Order online and select “Yes, I would like to join the Champions Club” and follow the steps.
Alternatively you can call us toll free on 1800 642 999.

Q. How Do I Get Started?

A. Simple. Join anytime:

  • Order Online here and follow the simple steps
  • OR Download and fill out the Direct Debit Authority Form and email it back to us
  • OR Call us toll free at 1800 642 999

Q. How Does the Lottery Support Surf Life Saving Australia?

A. Money raised by the Champions Club is included in the financial contributions we provide to  Surf Life Saving. Ongoing support from our Champions Club Members helps Surf Life Saving to plan funding and allocate resources where they are needed most. This means that our volunteer Surf Lifesavers are equipped with the most up to date training and equipment to ensure they are ready for the next rescue. Your membership helps make their work a reality.