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Lottery 170, Hope Island Winner Story

By 18th June, 2016 Latest News, News, Winner Stories

It was a typical day for Mrs M from Burleigh Heads who was driving to northern New South Wales with her husband when her mobile phone rang.

“I was expecting a call from somebody else and decided to pull the car over”, Mrs M recalls.

The lady on the other line said she was calling from Surf Life Saving Lotteries and I initially thought it was a call to buy some tickets in another prize home which I’m always happy to do.

I remember three words from the call – “Won”, “Home” and “Gold”. It took me a while to connect all the dots. It’s a very surreal moment when a life changing event like that happens to you, time stands still and all the possibilities begin to emerge.

After hearing that she was the proud new owner of a $970,500 Gold Coast waterfront home Mrs M exclaimed “is this a joke?”

In addition to the stunning Hope Island home, Mrs M was also entitled to the bonus book buyers prize of $30,000 cashable gold bullion.

“You always hope, but never expect anything like this to happen. We have always supported Surf Life Saving”, said Mrs M.

Congratulations to Mrs M and all her family. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Your support through the Champions Club helps our volunteer Surf Life Savers protect our beaches.

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