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Lottery 174, Hope Island Winner Story

We have happily supported Surf Life Saving for a number of years because it’s such a worthwhile cause – Surf Life Savers save lives and you can’t get more worthwhile than that.

Like many people who purchase tickets in the prize home lottery, I didn’t really expect to win … of course you always secretly hope, but at the end of the day I just considered my Champions Club membership was another way of providing funds to support a good cause.

When I first received the call from Surf Life Saving, I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. To be honest you don’t expect  when you are going about your normal business on a day like any other that you are going to receive a call like that. And as the call progressed, you start to wonder whether it was some kind of hoax or scam, but what convinced me was the lady who called me knew too much about my Champions Club membership and personal details for it not to be legitimate.

I guess I really only believed it was real and  this incredible thing had happened to us when I got home and read the email that Surf Life Saving had sent me confirming all the details of my win.

It was after reading that confirmation that I decided to share the news with my family – but I was so overwhelmed by the win, that I couldn’t actually get the words out, and had to let my wife read the letter herself!  Really in that moment, life had changed for us forever.

This win now gives us options and the first thing for us is to take a long overdue holiday with hopefully many more to come! We also hope to be able to make a difference in the lives of our friends and family by giving them the opportunity to take a holiday when they need it most.  This win has been a true blessing for us and we want to be able to share that.