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Prize Home Winner Lottery 178

Grandparents strike it big

Mrs M was at home with her daughter and granddaughter when she received the phone call that would change her family’s future forever.

December 16, 2016 had been just another day at work for Mrs M, but as she headed home, the aged care worker noticed she’d missed a number of calls that day. It wasn’t until her home phone began to ring that her curiosity really started to spike.

Mrs M was the lucky winner of Lottery 178 – a stunning Brisbane city apartment, designed and furnished to the value of $123,625 PLUS $200,000 Gold Bullion, valued at a total of $1,069,625.

“All I could say was oh my god, I couldn’t believe it!” said Mrs M.

“My daughter came rushing over and asked, ‘what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I’ve won…’

“I was saying the words out loud, but all I could think was this is surreal. I don’t win things like this, other people do… But I did.”

Mrs M has often supported Surf Life Saving in the past but as a grandmother to an active one-year-old she decided to spend a little more than usual in the Christmas lottery draw.

“Our granddaughter loves the water. I thought she is going to be visiting the beach, I need to support them [Surf Life Saving] even more now.”

The winning ticket was one of 70 Mrs M had purchased for $50 at a local shopping centre. The grandmother was very surprised to discover her ticket purchase also qualified her for an additional $50,000 Gold Bullion, the bonus prize bringing her total prize value to more than $1.1 million.

“When Surf Life Saving Lotteries ran through all the prize details, I thought when is she going to stop? I knew I’d only spent $50. It was unbelievable.”

Mrs M said winning the prize home AND $250,000 in cashable Gold Bullion had been an incredible feeling.

“We’ve paid stuff off, I’ve bought a new car, and we’re going on holidays. We’ve always loved travelling,” she said.

Mrs M and her husband have decided to take a well-deserved break from work and are now planning the holiday of a lifetime!

But it’s not only Mr and Mrs M who have benefitted from the win.

“We’ve been able to help our son and daughter as well.

“Eventually, we will sell the prize home and give the children some money to put towards a deposit for their own homes. They both know they’ve got a big deposit for a house now.

“And we know our granddaughter will have a bright future ahead of her. She was really the reason I bought the ticket, for her future… We’re very grateful.”