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Prize Home Winner Lottery 180

Retirement is starting to look a whole lot brighter for Mr H… The former seaman couldn’t believe his luck when he received the call of a lifetime from Surf Life Saving Lotteries.

Mr H was drawn as the first prize winner in Lottery 180 on 28 April 2017, making him the proud new owner of a stunning single storey home at Pacific Harbour, Bribie Island.

“It still feels like a dream! I have to pinch myself,” said Mr H.

As the winning ticket was one of 70 Mr H purchased in a $50 book of tickets, he also took home a bonus prize of $50,000 cashable Gold Bullion, bringing his total prize pool to $1,051,399!

“I never expected to win anything. I feel so lucky.”

The humble pensioner couldn’t believe the scale of the prize he’d won.

“It’s a huge house, it’s like a castle,” he said as he explored the breathtaking golf course-front home, complete with a beautiful furniture and design package valued at $131,399, for the very first time.  

Mr H said it was hard to comprehend winning such an incredible gift. He explained that the win has given him an indescribable sense of relief.

“I think I will sell the house and invest the money,” he said.

“Either way, I now know I have a secure future ahead of me and I can enjoy the rest of my life.”