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Prize Home Winner Lottery 182

When Terri and John set off on a six month trip to western Queensland they never expected to make an early detour via the Sunshine Coast to collect the keys to a luxury million dollar home!

The Surf Life Saving Champions Club members were drawn as the lucky winners of Lottery 182 on Friday 18th August. Winning a stunning waterfront home plus $30,000 Gold Bullion, a total prize value of $1,215,399!

 “At the time we were working in a remote part of Australia with no phone reception would you believe – the nearest coverage was around 150km away. When we eventually visited an area with mobile reception and my phone would not stop buzzing, I had around 12 missed calls!

“Surf Life Saving had gone to extraordinary lengths to track us down.

“It was actually my boss who first passed on the news. She called me into her office and said, ‘you need to ring your daughter’. She had such a serious look on her face, I thought something terrible must have happened! As I started to panic she said, ‘I think you’ve won a million dollar home!’ Eventually we spoke with our daughter who was completely over the moon. She said, ‘we’ve looked at the results online and I’m sure it’s you!’ After listening to the other voice mails, I rang the Head of Foundation at Surf Life Saving who confirmed the news. It sent chills straight down my spine!”

The couple were completely overwhelmed by the life-changing experience.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this, when we were handed the keys at the home, I almost broke down crying,” said Terri.

“I can’t believe we’re the owners of this beautiful home. As we walked around it started to dawn on me that everything is ours now, from the massive french door fridge to the pictures on the walls…everything is included!

“Apart from this unbelievable prize, the real win for us is being closer to our family again. It’s been challenging being so far away from them, but now they’re all so excited to come and stay with us in this magnificent home.”

Terri explained Surf Life Saving has always played an important part in their lives. “I think Surf Life Saving do a fantastic job to help protect people at the beach. We always took our kids to the beach when they were young and now our grandkids are involved in nippers. Joining the Champions Club is an incredible way to support the cause. I’ve always thought of my membership as a way of making my contribution, but people do win amazing prizes – and now we’re proof of this! I’d encourage anyone to buy Surf lottery tickets, or better still, to join the Champions Club. After all, you’re supporting a great cause and the opportunity to help save a life is really the greatest prize of all.”