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Prize Home Winner Lottery 183

Imagine receiving a phone call from Surf Life Saving Lotteries advising that you had just won a luxury prize home PLUS a bonus $50,000 Gold Bullion. It sounds like a dream… But this was the reality for Lottery 183 winner, Mr I from NSW.

“When I got the call from Surf Life Saving I didn’t believe it at first,” Mr I said.

“After it finally sunk in, all I could think was this isn’t happening. I was over the moon!”

Mr I was drawn as the winner of a million dollar prize home located at Sanctuary Cove at the Gold Coast on 20 October 2017. As a $30 member of Surf Life Saving’s Champions Club, Mr I also won a bonus $50,000 Gold Bullion, bringing his total prize value to $1,220,990.

“On the way to the prize home, my nerves were bubbling up inside! But walking in the door for the first time made it all feel real.” 

Mr I explained that before receiving the life-changing phone call, he had been working hard to save a deposit to purchase his ideal family home. 

“This will open up a whole lot of different doors for us. Our plans for the future have changed now. There’s a lot to think about,” he said.

“It’s a total game changer!”

Before joining the Champions Club, Mr I said he rarely purchased lottery tickets. 

“We’ve always been beachy people, I think the lifesavers do a fantastic job guarding the beaches and keeping people safe. So when I came across the Champions Club it seemed like such an easy way to show my support for Surf Life Saving, I thought I’d give just it a go… and now here we are. I didn’t think I’d actually win!

“For anyone thinking about joining the Champions Club, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s so easy, you don’t need to think about it, your tickets are automatically sent to you each month, and you’re in with a chance to win! And even if you don’t win, it’s such a worthy cause.”

The lucky winners are now considering whether they would like to live in their spectacular new home, enjoy the potential rental income, or sell the property and reinvest their winnings.

“It’s definitely been a world wind experience. From the time I got the phone call to seeing the house in person, it’s all just come to life.

“I’m still undecided about what we might do with the prize home. First of all, we intend to enjoy a great holiday in this immaculate home. I’m really looking forward to getting out onto the golf course to practice my game! I’m sure that will sway our decision a little.

“The gold bullion certainly came in handy too. We were able to cash in the prize and plan a skiing holiday for the whole family. It’s just amazing. We can’t thank Surf Life Saving enough.”