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Prize Home Winner Lottery 184

Friday 15 December 2017 was just an average workday for Mr I, until he received an unexpected phone call that would change his life forever.

“I normally wouldn’t take a call at work,” Mr I said. “I went to stand in a corner of the office so I wouldn’t disturb anyone else… but I had to quickly rush to sit down as soon as I heard the news!”

Mr I had won first prize in Surf Life Saving’s Lottery 184, winning a luxury Gold Coast beachfront apartment. Mr I also took home the $30 Champions Club member bonus prize of an additional $50,000 Gold Bullion, bringing his total prize value to $1,187,000.

“Surf Life Saving said there were some people in the room to say congratulations and I could hear all of the staff cheering over the phone. I thought this is definitely real,” Mr I recalled.

“It was such a strange feeling. I knew as a Champions Club member that I had guaranteed tickets in the draw so it was easy to understand the news was real as a ‘fact’, but it didn’t feel real ‘emotionally’.

“I thought the chances of winning the prize home would be far better than winning the lotto… but I never thought I would actually win. I’ve never won anything before.”

Deciding to join Surf Life Saving Lotteries’ loyalty program, the Champions Club, had been an easy decision for Mr I: “I used to come to the beach all the time when I was a kid so when I stumbled across the Surf Life Saving Lottery, I thought it would be an easy way to show my support for the lifesavers. But now, to win a home right on the water, it’s just unbelievable.”

Mr I explained before that fateful phone call he had never imagined what winning the prize home might mean to him.

“My first instinct was to rent out the apartment as it felt like the smart thing to do. Now that I’ve seen it in person, I’m thinking of adding it into a holiday rental pool where I can come down to stay whenever I like and still collect some rental income. It sounds like the ideal situation. A win-win really!

“I’d love to be able to work less, so having the prize home rental income to fall back on would give me so many options for the future.”