14yo Best Friends Rescue Young Girls from Surf

MEET LARA AND TARA. Two best friends and volunteer Surf Life Savers, at just 14 years of age. On their first ever patrol, they spotted two very young girls – about seven years old – fast approaching a dangerous rip just outside the flags. Lara recalls:

“We were about hip level in the water but the girls were much further out and really tiny, so they couldn’t stand up. We saw them struggling to keep afloat. One of them was crying, and the other one was screaming out for help. I remember it all happening so quickly.”

“We swam out to them and could see the girls were really scared.” explains Tara. “We gave them a rescue tube each and put it around them… one of them couldn’t stop crying. We were just saying ‘it’s okay, we’ve got you now, and you’re safe’.”

It is so impressive how skilfully and without a moment’s hesitation, Lara and Tara handled the situation. The training they received both in Nippers and Surf Life Saving kicked in straight away and they reacted instantly.

Lifesaver rescues own parents and Grandfather!

CALOUNDRA lifesaver Colton Pleass never expected to rescue his mother, father and grandfather all in one go!

Mr Pleass, 19, had been patrolling all afternoon and late that afternoon had just been telling his mum and dad, Kate and Warwick Pleass, how busy it was at the beach.

At 4.30pm, his patrol captain, Nathan Steer, gave the alert that three more people needed rescuing.
When Mr Pleass, who was in an IRB, was nearing the group, he realised it was his own family.

“It was a bit of shock,” he said.

His family members had all been competitive swimmers in their time, but the hectic conditions, including strong rips and sweeps, proved that anyone could get into trouble in the ocean.

“They were swimming together and my grandad, Kevin, was a bit puffed and got into a bit of trouble,” Mr Pleass said. “They were pretty embarrassed to be rescued, but they were just fine.”

Summer with Surf Lifesaving

Australia has over 35,000km of coastline and with more than 100 million beach visitations each year, our Surf Lifesavers from 313 clubs around the country are certainly kept busy. This summer there are over 40,000 volunteers who watch over us and make sure our beaches remain amongst the safest in the world. The cost of providing this lifesaving service is only possible thanks to the dedicated support from our ongoing supporters – thank you!

These much needed funds are directed into three main priority services:
• Rescue Gear and Equipment
• Training Surf Lifesavers
• Community Education Programs

Rescue Gear and Equipment represents the biggest single cost to running lifesaving services in Australia.

While the sun, surf and sand are the reasons we love the beach, these are also the very elements that damage the rescue gear and equipment that our surf lifesavers use every day. Ongoing maintenance and replacements are needed to make sure all equipment is in top condition and at the ready for any beach emergencies.